Container transport service on the domestic of Ho Chi Minh - Hai Phong

Starting from September 2013, DONGDO MARINE officially put on container transport services of Domestic Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh in operation.The offer by more domestic container service on Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh has helped improve operational capacity of container transport service of company, access to modern transportation methods and especially catching the container is going strong globally as well as in Vietnam. With frequency 2 Voyages per week from Hai Phong to Ho Chi Minh and conversely, DONGDO MARINE was and is a trusted, responsive customer's shipping requirements and gradually asserted himself on domestic shipping market both in terms of the capacity to transport as well as the quality of service.In addition to shipping services on line CY/CY, DONGDO MARINE is gradually aligned with the company's branch in Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong & aims to extend more services: door to door transportation, multimodal transport and logistics activities in order to satisfy transport a wide variety of ship's owners.Transport services of DONGDO MARINE always make sure the customer's goods are shipped to the right place, right time, high transport quality for the most reasonable cost.The strength of the DONGDO MARINE is:Transport services on line CY/CY.Door to Door transport and logistics service superiority in the area of Ho Chi Minh & Haiphong.Shipping of superstrength cargo, superweight cargo and projected cargo.Ensure quality shipping, shipping time (receive & delivery in time).The DONGDO MARINE is incorporating operrating a certain number of seats onboard the HaiAn Park and the HAIAN SONG that owned of Agent company limited logistics & Hai An (a unit is currently succeeding on multiple operation of services such as: service ports, service stationsinland transport services, etc.), giving up the frequency of service, the service quality of the container.