DCC Policy

1. QUALITY POLICY- DONGDO Crew Manning Center (DCC) commits to offer crewing services based on the principles of STCW, SOLAS, Flag State, State legislation and Customer requirements.- DCC commits to comply with the Quality Management System as per requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ILO MLC 2006.- No Fee is borne directly or indirectly by the Seafarers for their Recruitment / Employment in DCC.- DCC does not prevent or deter Seafarers from gaining Employment in the Company.- DCC recruitment is carried out without any discrimination or bias due to race, colour, sex, religion or social origin, however we only accept the seafarer from 18 years old and over.- DCC commits to protect the Seafarers right of Privacy; their Personal data maintained in the office is kept strictly confidential.- DCC conducts its service in order to reach the quality objectives established and reviewed on annual basis.- Customer's satisfaction, continual improvement the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and the good name of DCC are the philosophy of each employee.2. SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE POLICY- DCC ensures engagement in service qualified, disciplined, medically fit seafarers capable to prevent the hazardous occurrences leading to accidents, incidents or any type of loss to customer's property or environment.- DCC participates in safe and legal activities only.3. DRUGS AND ALCOHOL POLICY-  DCC prohibits the unlawful possession and handling of drugs and alcohol on board of any vessel and on DCC premises or when conducting DCC business.4. TREATMENT POLICY FOR SEAFARER - The heart and soul of DCC lays in its people, the employee and seafarers the company’s most valued asset. To underscore its importance, DCC has initiated measures that will uplift their morale, thereby, instilling their loyalty to the company.- Compensation material for export crew including salary, bonuses and allowances (travel, hazardous ...), the health insurance policy, health insurance, unemployment insurance - Non-material incentive for crewing export including the export policy of fostering professional development, retraining, rest mode, working conditions improves, promotion, medical test, ...- Every seafarer shall be in favor of P&I insurance and accident insurance at the rate of USD 55.000- To ensure that DCC  employees, its seafarers and their beneficiaries receive their wages and released benefits on time and in accordance of existing laws and contracts.- DCC always interested in the spiritual life of the Seafarers, crew’s family to ensure peace of mind when they are working far from home. All issues related to the wedding hospitality crew, have been widely informed for DCC’s fleet and head of DCC will reach to family-crew- for encouraging immediately- For Seafarer whose family-members are in extreme difficulty shall be assisted with a sum quoted from the trade union’s budget. The actual sum shall be determined on base of case by case, upon consent by the Director and trade union.