Certificate of ISO 9001: 2008, SRPS & MLC 2006 by NK Class

Certificate of Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service Providers that the DONGDO Crew Manning Center conforms to the standards set out in the Regulation 1.4 of Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 in accordance with the organization's existing Quality Management System as following:- QMS Registration Certificate by NK Class.- SRPS Certificate.- Statement MLC 2006 of SRPS.


a) Supplying Seafearer.b) Additional training, periodic training and retraining improve and update knowledge and skills for Seafearer.The DONGDO MARINE  joint stock company has been granted government last license to operate commuter services abroad, license No. 181/LDTBXH-GP dated 08th January 2009 also DONGDO Crew Manning Center was branch.The company was issued Document of Compliance (DOC) by ClassNK.DCC has established, implemented and maintained a Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008 date 01st May 2014.DONGDO Crew Manning Center is cradle to foster and supply dedicated, active and energetic crews. Specifically, the crew members which DCC supply for DONGDO MARINE’s vessels which operates under time charter by the famous Charterers in marine market in Japan, Korea... and never let vessel be off-hired even one day off due to the fault of the crew members.Both the domestic and foreign Shipowners have noted positive comments about the quality of the crew managed and provided by us that’s the reasons we firmly believe in our export crew strategies.


We strive and commit to provide highest quality service, flexible and reliable through implement control of the recruitment, retraining, analysis, evaluation and continuos improment. To meet the increasing requirements for Marine industry satisfaction.

Supplying seafarer

We are capable to supply all type of Vietnamese Seafarers For all type of vessels: Cruise Ship, Dry Bulk Carrier Ship, Container Ship, Cement carrier, Cargo Ship, tanker, Offshore Ship etc…We will supply to you crew members with specific personal data, his experience together with his diplomas, certificates and passport for your easily choose the suitable candidates fit with your good units.You are also assured that avoid using the poor quality or marijuana crews. Any Poor crews or crew be warned by the Port Authority of any country by your self – the Employer will be listed of NOT USE (Blacklist) and certainly would never use such components.

Crew Management and training

Thanks to that, DCC’ fleet has been operated, exploited effectively, reduced the lay-up, increased service-life of ship, contributing to minimizing operation cost, and also helped declining the ship seized cases by Port Security Control (PSC). DONGDO CREW CENTER always thoroughly grasp closely to crew members. We note and comply strickly all procedures and guidelines of Ship Owners as well as give warnings which may occurs or arise to the ship to Ship Owners consider and settle in order to minimize his lose, damages, costs and charges. Crew Officers report regular and strickly as stated in the Company's Communication Procedures. In case there are unexpected or PSC come on board for inspection, to avoid any unnecessary damage to the Ship owners, Captains will use the hotline to contact to competent persons for advice, expedited and avoid undue disadvantages to the Shipowners.Small repair or undue repair will made by Crew under repair instruction procedures and paid by Shipowners. These fees are ofcourse cheaper at least 60% cost for better results than Shipowners pay for Shipchandlers because crew members propose plans on actively repair thoroughly overcome. Incase there is no standard materials, crews will temporary fix to the convenient ports to receive supplies to fix thoroughly. The general view and agreed is NOT to let the Vessel off-hired which will affect to the vessel’s voyage’s results as well as to discredit to the Charterers. Crew members are united and diligent in all conditions and always strictly coordinated process between the DONGDO CREW CENTER - Crew members – The functional departments such as Ship Operation, Technician,  Marine, Legislation , ... tight closely.

DCC Policy

1. QUALITY POLICY- DONGDO Crew Manning Center (DCC) commits to offer crewing services based on the principles of STCW, SOLAS, Flag State, State legislation and Customer requirements.- DCC commits to comply with the Quality Management System as per requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ILO MLC 2006.- No Fee is borne directly or indirectly by the Seafarers for their Recruitment / Employment in DCC.- DCC does not prevent or deter Seafarers from gaining Employment in the Company.- DCC recruitment is carried out without any discrimination or bias due to race, colour, sex, religion or social origin, however we only accept the seafarer from 18 years old and over.- DCC commits to protect the Seafarers right of Privacy; their Personal data maintained in the office is kept strictly confidential.- DCC conducts its service in order to reach the quality objectives established and reviewed on annual basis.- Customer's satisfaction, continual improvement the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and the good name of DCC are the philosophy of each employee.2. SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE POLICY- DCC ensures engagement in service qualified, disciplined, medically fit seafarers capable to prevent the hazardous occurrences leading to accidents, incidents or any type of loss to customer's property or environment.- DCC participates in safe and legal activities only.3. DRUGS AND ALCOHOL POLICY-  DCC prohibits the unlawful possession and handling of drugs and alcohol on board of any vessel and on DCC premises or when conducting DCC business.4. TREATMENT POLICY FOR SEAFARER - The heart and soul of DCC lays in its people, the employee and seafarers the company’s most valued asset. To underscore its importance, DCC has initiated measures that will uplift their morale, thereby, instilling their loyalty to the company.- Compensation material for export crew including salary, bonuses and allowances (travel, hazardous ...), the health insurance policy, health insurance, unemployment insurance - Non-material incentive for crewing export including the export policy of fostering professional development, retraining, rest mode, working conditions improves, promotion, medical test, ...- Every seafarer shall be in favor of P&I insurance and accident insurance at the rate of USD 55.000- To ensure that DCC  employees, its seafarers and their beneficiaries receive their wages and released benefits on time and in accordance of existing laws and contracts.- DCC always interested in the spiritual life of the Seafarers, crew’s family to ensure peace of mind when they are working far from home. All issues related to the wedding hospitality crew, have been widely informed for DCC’s fleet and head of DCC will reach to family-crew- for encouraging immediately- For Seafarer whose family-members are in extreme difficulty shall be assisted with a sum quoted from the trade union’s budget. The actual sum shall be determined on base of case by case, upon consent by the Director and trade union.

Mission - Vision - Core value

1. Mission

DONG DO MARINE  commits to provide shipping fleet and other marine services which are highly standardized, trustful and reputable.

DONG DO MARINE  commits to provide a fleet and other marine services which are highly standardized, trustful and reputable.

DONG DO MARINE  commits to execute the 'safety first' to the engaged seafarers, contracted partners or contracted operators as well as the marine environment.

DONG DO MARINE  at all time gives its best effort to be the right choice  for domestic and overseas partners in the field of maritime transport and marine services through the constantly improving ship management system.

2. Prospect

DONG DO MARINE  has been recognized as a good 'Trademark' to varied partners in the Southeast Asia through the deployment of fleet that can be able to bring max profit back from any charter-hire while, at the same time, that can be able to achieve a low level of running cost as far practical.   

3. Core values

a. Professionals:  We are willing to head for professionalism in every respect of business which is expected to consolidate our capability, experiences, skills as well as to promote further effective co-operation in international sea transport and also maritime related services in order to meet with variety of needs by partners.

b. Trust-building:  Trustable staff, ready to work in terms of mutual respect and task - focusing individuals.

c. Responsibility:  All staff are willing to engage with their best effort and to take responsibilty for the work they are committed.

d. Determination and creativeness: We always believe in our own ability and creativeness in proceesing the task or undergoing the work.

e. Loyalty:  We consider friendship, honesty and self-improvement to be the typical characters of a company in order to gain its stable development, besides  it consistantly follows up its own loyal virtues or spiritual values.

f. Transparency and standardized professional criterias: Being transparent in financial statement, wealthy human resource, fair and trustful to owners or contracted partners. We found ourselves a social responsibility in giving clear detailed information to the involved partners.

Guideline of DDM:

  • Longlasting partnership - Đối tác bền vững 
  • Trustfulness - chủ tàu tin tưởng
  • Qualified, effective, safe and economical operation - chất lượng hoạt động, hiệu quả, an toàn, kinh tế