Crew Management and training

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Thanks to that, DCC’ fleet has been operated, exploited effectively, reduced the lay-up, increased service-life of ship, contributing to minimizing operation cost, and also helped declining the ship seized cases by Port Security Control (PSC). DONGDO CREW CENTER always thoroughly grasp closely to crew members. We note and comply strickly all procedures and guidelines of Ship Owners as well as give warnings which may occurs or arise to the ship to Ship Owners consider and settle in order to minimize his lose, damages, costs and charges. Crew Officers report regular and strickly as stated in the Company's Communication Procedures. In case there are unexpected or PSC come on board for inspection, to avoid any unnecessary damage to the Ship owners, Captains will use the hotline to contact to competent persons for advice, expedited and avoid undue disadvantages to the Shipowners.Small repair or undue repair will made by Crew under repair instruction procedures and paid by Shipowners. These fees are ofcourse cheaper at least 60% cost for better results than Shipowners pay for Shipchandlers because crew members propose plans on actively repair thoroughly overcome. Incase there is no standard materials, crews will temporary fix to the convenient ports to receive supplies to fix thoroughly. The general view and agreed is NOT to let the Vessel off-hired which will affect to the vessel’s voyage’s results as well as to discredit to the Charterers. Crew members are united and diligent in all conditions and always strictly coordinated process between the DONGDO CREW CENTER - Crew members – The functional departments such as Ship Operation, Technician,  Marine, Legislation , ... tight closely.