DDM’ Ship Management Capacity

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Owned a slight number of small-sized vessels sailing around for only domestic coastal carriage of goods. In 2008, the company made a turn by owning a fleet of up to 08 vessels which were bigger in size per unit, reaching approximately 102,269 DWT (?) to be allocated over 05 general cargo vessels, 02 container carriers and 01 bulk carrier, half of which is Panamanian flagged, the other half is Vietnamese flagged.As aforesaid, what DDM gains from the successful application of the SMS depends thoroughly upon the personnel consisting of high qualified captains and chief engineers, most of whom had previously been well-trained and employed by varied international level overseas shipping companiesbeing based in Norway, Japan, Taiwan, Korea or even U.S.A, and most of all,owning to their many years of sea-going experiences. Nevertheless, the SMS still continues to be improved so as to make sure that it can be up to date.Beginning in May 2014, DDM jumped in to the ship management marketplace by jointly signing the first-ever agreement with HAI AN TRANSPORT & STEVEDORING JOINT-STOCK COMPAMY for managing a container carrier M/V HAI AN PARK; Built in 2000; Capacity:  787TUEs; 12649 DWT; Vietnamese flagged; Trade area on intensive scheduling basis: Southeastern Asia, placing the essential stage for DDM to tender its SMS to service for ship managing activities. Furthermore, the audit by VR for issuance of Maritime Labor Certificate (MLC), especially at site for Declaration of Maritime Labor Compliance (DMLC) endorsement, was successfullycompleted with the supportof SMS and its personnel on 13 Aug 2014, a short time prior tothe enforceable date on 20 Aug 2014 in regard to Vietnamese flagged vessels, in addition to other supportive activities to VR’ certification for Safety Equipment, Safety Structure and Safety Radio etc…From the view of tendering managerial services, M/V HAI AN PARK has been operated in a good status being admitted by the mentioned ship-owner. It’s also when the personnel and SMS can get a good preparation, as far asDDM’s market - heading policyis concerned, for further launch of servicesto future market demands.

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