Leadership Message

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Leadership Message

Dear our partners!

DONGDO Marine Joint stock Company, formerly known as the Sea & River Transportation Corporation (VISERITRANS) established on Dec 04th 1985. Until, April 29th 1995, VISERITRANS became a member company (subsidiary) which officially run on its own business among others of Vietnam National Shipping Lines (VINALINES). By Oct 2003, "VISERITRANS" was renamed into "DONG DO MARITIME CORPORATION". Upon the implementation of equitization under the Government Degree in 2006, once again, the company officially changed its name to "DONG DO MARINE JOINT STOCK COMPANY", often called "Dong Do Marine".

For nearly 30 years of continuous development, Dong Do Marine has been gradually consolidating its position as one of the top shipping companies in Vietnam, having the fleet operating mostly international routes and marking a continuous growth, confirming the prestige and absolute trust of customers in maritime industry not only in ASIA but also worldwide.

Many generations of officers, laborers and shareholders taking part in Dong Do Marine find themselves proud that Dong Do Marine is now one of the traditional shipping companies that activates online international shipping to meet the market requirement for economic efficiency, but fair competition in the battle with both domestic and also foreign shipowners in the industry. That tradition has been built up by multiple generations of laborers and still maintained successfully by the later with more ambition, aspiration, energy and appropriate decisiveness.

Inheriting the above fine traditional characteristics, the management team and men of Dong Do Marine are today non-stop finding a new way of further contributing to the company's wealth. The purpose of Dong Do Marine is now becoming a leading shipping company in Vietnam, where shipping partners can lay their trust.

Dong Do Marine will continously set shipping the main business which bring back the highest ratio of revenue as well as profit amongst other company's inflows. Besides, due to its main activity lays on ship operation, the company has, so far, been promoting investment for a number of potential areas such as ship repair, provision of seafarers, marine agency, marine broking or tendering of ship management etc...

To constantly improve the quality of shipping and marine services that being offered to customers, more budget has been spent for improvement of technical facilities so as to ensure safe operation of ships. We constantly upgrade the level of management team and improve the professional skills of officers and employees, enabling them free to perform high dynamics, creativity, initiativeness, dare to do, dare to take responsibility and opportunities for job promotion.

Though, it is predicted that time accompanies by difficulty, more challenges awaits in the shipping business, the management team and all employees of Dong Do Marine will hopefully be giving their hands to overcome at all, taking business ethics as a foundation to maintain and promote the core - values of Dong Do Marine, to make Dong Do Marine developing firmly.





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