Mission - Vision - Core value

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1. Mission

DONG DO MARINE  commits to provide shipping fleet and other marine services which are highly standardized, trustful and reputable.

DONG DO MARINE  commits to provide a fleet and other marine services which are highly standardized, trustful and reputable.

DONG DO MARINE  commits to execute the 'safety first' to the engaged seafarers, contracted partners or contracted operators as well as the marine environment.

DONG DO MARINE  at all time gives its best effort to be the right choice  for domestic and overseas partners in the field of maritime transport and marine services through the constantly improving ship management system.

2. Prospect

DONG DO MARINE  has been recognized as a good 'Trademark' to varied partners in the Southeast Asia through the deployment of fleet that can be able to bring max profit back from any charter-hire while, at the same time, that can be able to achieve a low level of running cost as far practical.   

3. Core values

a. Professionals:  We are willing to head for professionalism in every respect of business which is expected to consolidate our capability, experiences, skills as well as to promote further effective co-operation in international sea transport and also maritime related services in order to meet with variety of needs by partners.

b. Trust-building:  Trustable staff, ready to work in terms of mutual respect and task - focusing individuals.

c. Responsibility:  All staff are willing to engage with their best effort and to take responsibilty for the work they are committed.

d. Determination and creativeness: We always believe in our own ability and creativeness in proceesing the task or undergoing the work.

e. Loyalty:  We consider friendship, honesty and self-improvement to be the typical characters of a company in order to gain its stable development, besides  it consistantly follows up its own loyal virtues or spiritual values.

f. Transparency and standardized professional criterias: Being transparent in financial statement, wealthy human resource, fair and trustful to owners or contracted partners. We found ourselves a social responsibility in giving clear detailed information to the involved partners.

Guideline of DDM:

  • Longlasting partnership - Đối tác bền vững 
  • Trustfulness - chủ tàu tin tưởng
  • Qualified, effective, safe and economical operation - chất lượng hoạt động, hiệu quả, an toàn, kinh tế