Transportation & shipping

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 Currently, DONGDO MARINE are owned and directly managed a ship's fleet has good technical quality, consisting of 08 ships, the total tonnage of 102.269 DWT that including 02 container carrier with near 600 TEU per ship. Besides the dry cargo vessels, general cargo, DONGDO MARINE has made investment undertakings exploiting the container carrier, aims to gradually expand the scale of operations, diversification of the shipping and mode of production transport business for shipping.Most of the existing ships fleet of DONGDO MARINE are registered by Japan-NK classification, often ensures compliance with classification standards, international technical management. In addition to the system of ship safety management system - ISM Code, the ship security system approved by Vietnam register-VR classification and issue the certificate of DOC. DONGDO MARINE has also been approved by Japan-NK Classification and the Government of Panam reviews, classification of certificate in accordance with the ISM CODE & ISPS CODE.

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